Discover the Best Outerwear for Spring

Our hopes are high as the sun continues to make cameos on these warmer spring days. We’re having a “classic” spring here in Portland. Random hours of sun, followed by random bouts of non stop rain. This is also the time of year where we try to find the balance of dressing stylishly while staying dry. Enter the cute outerwear season! Let’s dive into how we can dress for this weather and keep ourselves comfortable. 
As we’ve all heard, every woman needs a trench. It’s timeless, chic, and pretty bulletproof on windy, rainy days. Herno is known for their high-performing garments and their twist on the classic doesn’t disappoint. Even better? This fabric has stretch and doesn’t wrinkle. Worried it won’t be warm enough? Layer it with a vest underneath that you can slide off once you walk into the office or happy hour. 
Next up – the bomber! The bomber is universally flattering, and even better that it keeps you warm. As said in WWW, the bomber has been “elevated to new heights simply by scaling back on details.” The minimalist approach is very in, and the bomber adds and edgy flair to any outfit you wear in this weather. Lafayette 148 made this insulated bomber out of recycled poly. It slides on beautifully and keeps you toasty. Get ready to have this be your newest spring staple.
As Glamour said, you’ll be thankful for a “proper slicker” when that spring squall inevitably pops out of nowhere. And don’t be turned off by a “convertible” anything. Italian designer Amina Rubinacci created this packable, water resistant rain jacket with a removable hood. It also comes in cherry red, which is THE color of spring and summer 2024. Manzoni 24 also has this reversible belted jacket that will be your best friend as you bop around town.
Quilted is the word of season and we highly encourage you to lean into the look. There are MANY styles within the quilted look to choose from – collared, cropped, leather. Forte Forte has this shimmery number that is comfortable and warmer than you’d expect. Layer it underneath your waterproof shell or wear it over a sweater to complete the look.
This weather can’t make up its mind, which is why it’s important to have the right transitional pieces to carry you through the season. Don’t be fooled - you can have it all when it comes to outerwear. Now go out there and seize that (rainy/sunny) day!
Until next time,