Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend

April is diamond month, and now more than ever women are buying jewelry for themselves - wearing what style they want, how often they want, when they want – with anything from plain white tees to cocktail dresses. There’s no need for an occasion – “just because” is the best reason of all. With different styles these days, the diamond has officially become an “everyday” item where we stack some sparkle in our ears, layer dainty pieces on our wrists and necks, or match statement stones on top of each other. The diamond’s worth goes beyond monetary - wearing diamonds is a symbol of self-love that adds a little shimmer to everything you wear. Here at Mercantile Portland we have innovative jewelry designers who are experts at creating jewelry with a twist during this “diamond season.”
Designer Sydney Evan hits on all the trends right now - hearts, layered necklaces,  charms, and more. Her designs layer so nicely and add a fun flair to more understated pieces. If you already have your layered look down, try adding some diamond bling to your ear stack. These stunning leaf huggies are sparkly, and match everything. Feel free to add some fun bow studs to your mix for a feminine touch.  
Zofia Day is also a designer who combines luxury with an everyday approach. The pleated disc necklace celebrates the beauty of a simple, emerald cut diamond you’ll wear all the time. Add these Claw earrings to the mix and you’ll never take the combo off. 
Looking to add a little wow to your look without channeling Eizabeth Taylor on her wedding day? Former mosaic artist from California Paula Rosen’s unique chains are the way to go. Wear the necklace on its own or stack it with the other gold sparkle you have.  
Designer Suzanne Kalan has won awards for her cool twist on her jewelry. As she said herself, “I want the women who wear my design to be able to wear them, today, tomorrow and twenty years from now.” Bring yourself some positive energy with this unique Evil Eye pendant with baguette diamonds. These diamond clusters also add a touch of sparkle to bring you that joy you deserve.  
Rose gold gets surprisingly overlooked in the jewelry department, but on many people it’s the most flattering metal. Pair with diamonds for a winning combo like in this bangle by Rene Escobar. Mix it with  other metals (silver anyone?) or try it on its own as a delicate, sparkly accessory. The Miami-based designer encourages people to mix and match with his cutting-edge designs to add their own zest.
As we said in our Spring Break blog, women are aiming for capsule wardrobes where we invest in versatile items, and your jewelry style should be no different. The goal is to accumulate beautiful, important pieces that make you happy and you’ll wear often. And yes, we’ve identified trends, but diamonds don’t need trends. They are the treasure and so are you. You deserve to surround yourself with beautiful things that celebrate who you are in your own style. Now get out there and invest in yourself. 
Until next time,