Adriano Goldschmied

AG Jeans is a premium denim and knitwear house leading the sustainable manufacturing movement with innovative technology and eco-minded processes.

In 2000, two powerhouses of the denim industry brought their visions together and founded AG Jeans in Los Angeles, California. Nicknamed the “Godfather of denim,” Adriano Goldschmied established a legacy that was instantly recognized for its ingenious washes and designs, laying the groundwork for AG’s rise in popularity as the leader of premium denim.

Concurrently, the manufacturing phenom, Yul Ku, was pushing for drastic innovations in sustainable production while establishing AG as the first vertically operated denim manufacturer on the West Coast. AG’s decades of progressive experience have led to industry-wide adoption of environmentally conscious design and construction including Ozone technology, laser finishing, solar energy, and water recycling.

Today, AG Jeans continues on its mission to design product that is authentically rooted in denim, craftsmanship, fit, and fabric innovation. Our in-house model helps us to pivot alongside the newest mechanisms on the market, keeping our process eco-inspired, transparent in its practice, and radical in its production.

Akris Punto

Akris was founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1922 by Alice Kriemler-Schoch, a poised and entrepreneurial woman who began making polka dot aprons out of her modest sewing studio.

Using local fabrics from St. Gallen—a leading textile hub known for its exquisite cottons and embroidery—Alice was soon dressing the region’s most stylish women. In 1944, Alice’s son Max joined the family business. He named the house Akris, after the initials of her name and helped grow ready-to-wear as well as collaborating with Parisian couture houses like Ted Lapidus and Givenchy.

At age 19, Max’s son Albert was scheduled to move to Paris and work as an apprentice to Couturier Hubert de Givenchy, but family duty called when his father’s business partner unexpectedly passed away. Without a second thought, Albert Kriemler took over the design responsibilities of Akris, and gradually turned the house into the international symbol of understated luxury it is today.

Ananda Khlasa

Ananda draws inspiration from natural forms, and the vibrant luminosity of natural gemstones. She strives to capture the precious quality found in ancient jewelry, while creating pieces with a modern sensibility. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics.

Many of her pieces contain an original painting on paper, which is set behind crystal in silver or 22k gold. An important influence in Ananda's work is the powerful symbolism behind each of the subjects she chooses to paint.

Each of Ananda’s pieces is handcrafted in her studio in Northampton, Massachusetts by Ananda and her highly skilled team of jewelers.

Ara Collection

The story begins with two brothers and a small jeweler's bench in Bodrum, Turkey.  Coming from a long line of artisans, the brothers developed their skills in jewelry making based on ancient techniques.  Back then, neither could have imagined that their unique designs would captivate so many.  Decades later, Ara Collection is known worldwide for its handcrafted 24 karat gold jewelry.

In 2001, Ara Collection expanded their business to the US, where the line was very well received and appreciated.  They continued to grow, opening their flagship retail store in Santa Barbara, CA in 2004.  The collection now graces hundreds of jewelry stores nationwide, as well as stores in Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bermuda, St. Bart's, Barbados, and Puerto Rico.

Ara Collection takes pride in its quality and workmanship.  Each piece is created by hand at the company's workshop in Bodrum, Turkey.  Inspiration for the collection comes from the rich history of ancient Anatolian civilizations and the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

Carolina Amato

One of New York's premier accessory houses, AMATO has been in business for forty years. The brand is known for luxurious fine leathers, plush cashmere knits and wovens, and a collection of Made in Italy gloves which are produced at a small factory in Naples. Designer Carolina Amato founded the brand in 1978 under the mark that bears her name, eventually rebranding to simply AMATO in 2017. 

Company founder Carolina Amato started her early career as a painter and settled in a loft in New York's Fulton Fish market. Her unique talent served her well when she eventually turned her creative energies to fashion and accessories design in the late seventies, along with her husband, the architect Frank Capone. Carolina Amato hails from a family of Italian textile professionals who settled in New York City in 1910. The AMATO design legacy began with her maternal and paternal grandmothers, each of whom were skilled craftswomen who plied their craft in New York's garment center, where the AMATO showroom still exists today. Alongside her grandfather, a furniture maker and upholsterer, Carolina Amato recalls her childhood filled with days spent playing with the exquisite ribbons, trims and fine fabrics that adorned her grandparents workshops. She also had the privilege of learning to sew from her grandmother on her original black iron Singer factory sewing machine, an experience that she would ultimately utilize as she entered the creative world of fashion and textile design.

Chan Luu

Chan Luu began making jewelry as a young girl, stringing together shells collected on the beaches of her hometown of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Two decades later—after a career in fashion buying and retail—she founded her namesake brand, making her first pieces of jewelry out of her garage in Los Angeles.

A lifelong traveler, Chan’s deep love for traditional handmade crafts have formed the inspiration of many of the brand’s iconic pieces, including the wrap bracelet. Today, CHAN LUU encompasses men’s and accessories in addition to the core women’s line. Then, as now, the idea of jewelry that is deeply personal to the wearer remains central to the brand's identity.

In 2016 she passed the creative torch to her niece Tessa Tran, who continues the brand’s evolution as creative director of CHAN LUU.

Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity is a Los Angeles-based premium denim label that has captivated the world with a devoted commitment to producing the highest quality denim, without compromise. With an elevated style that exudes a sophisticated ease, this sets the foundation for the brand that continuously executes each design with intention in every detail. Since 2003, they have designed and manufactured in our company-owned facilities as well as with select production partners to ensure that their product is unparalleled in look, fit, and feel. Their LA based designers travel the world sourcing superior fabrications and seeking inspiration in every corner of the finest vintage markets. The team continues to build powerful assortments that speaks to the core of our brand values; impeccable fits crafted in authentic fabrications and washes, providing men and women with the utmost comfort and confidence.

Jennifer Zeuner

Jennifer Zeuner’s jewelry reflects her own personal style; simple with a spiritual twist.  Her jewelry lends itself to be layered. The same simple piece of jewelry can be worn in different ways, depending on who is wearing it and what mood they’re in. Jennifer is inspired by people who have their own unique style. She loves it when people put things together in a creative, yet unexpected and cohesive way. Cameron Diaz was the first celebrity to buy Jennifer Zeuner’s jewelry in 2010. She was extremely honored because she considers Diaz’s style an inspiration. Since then, many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and countless others have been spotted wearing her jewelry too. 
Nili Lotan
Nili Lotan, is an Israeli-American fashion designer best known as the founder of the Nili Lotan Design Studio. After graduating from the prestigious Shenkar College of engineering and design in Tel Aviv. Nili moved to NYC in 1980 to pursue a career in fashion design.
Nili launched her own label in 2003, designing a wardrobe of luxurious, chic, and timeless pieces for today's woman.
Nili's collections are regularly featured in top fashion and lifestyle publications like VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, & WSJ.


Rag & Bone

Twenty years ago, Rag & Bone was founded on a belief in uncompromising ideals: a commitment to doing things the right way, not the easy way. To making things that are as original as they are timeless. To being true to ourselves - even when that truth sets us apart from the mainstream. They still believe in the same principles they started with: the easy elegance of classic British tailoring, the authenticity of American workwear, and the originality of their home city, New York. 

Rene Escobar

Rene Escobar is a proud third-generation jeweler. His company, Rene Escobar Jewelry, is based in South Florida. Rene is committed to authenticity, originality, and the endurance to the beautiful art of hand-made jewelry.

Rene’s love affair with the world of jewelry began at an early age.  The fascination of watching his father, a master craftsman, create intricately beautiful pieces quickly developed into a passion.  In the early 1980’s amidst the uncertain social climate of his native Nicaragua, Rene was sent to South Florida to attend college in order to pursue an education unavailable to him in his home country. However, his innate attraction to the art of jewelry making impelled him to seek out a career as a goldsmith.  

Jewelry making is in his blood, but his passion is personal, he got his first position as a jeweler when he was seventeen. For the next few years, Rene had the good fortune of working alongside some of the most skillful jewelers in South Florida allowing him to refine his craft. In the early 1990s, Rene formed Rene Escobar Inc., a studio, where for nearly twenty years, he created one-of-a-kind pieces for some of the finest collectors throughout the southeastern United States. 


When it comes to wardrobe staples, STAUD has it down to a science — if that science were based on emotion instead of formulas, technicolor dreamcoats instead of those meant for a lab, and the idea that “matter” is just stuff in the universe while a good handbag is anything but. It’s why, in 2015, Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto co-founded the LA-based brand upon the idea that fashion shouldn’t just empower women — it should be accessible, too.

But at the heart of STAUD is design. Think: a scrupulous attention to detail, a natural opposition to the typical, and a feminine aura that’s equal parts seductive and self-governing — all whilst leaving room, of course, for the occasional mushroom trip or jaunt to the beach (or both). If fashion is a never-ending pursuit of style, then STAUD is what happens after you’ve found it.